A dive into the first algorithmic elastic token on Fantom Opera chain

TL;DR — summary

  1. TOMB is a stablecoin that is elastic, taxable and deflationary.
  2. Stake TOMB-FTM LP tokens in the cemetery to earn TSHARE
  3. Stake your earned TSHARE in the masonry to earn more TOMB

⚠️ — if you do not understand…

Could BTC visit $60k or correct to $42k within the next weeks turned month? Here is my position regarding the BTC/USD market

TL;DR — Summary

👉BTC 🚀$65k

Bitcoin current price pitchfork chat — $45,013

We see price bounced nicely From the S/R zone (horizontal yellow line) which is a key level of fib tool - indicating a bounce from one-third…

An absolute monster! …due to increased public exposure and launch of new protocols and strategic partnership, FTT token is set to melt a lot of faces

TL;DR — summary

FTX recently bought AndreCronje and Cal Memorial Stadium Naming Rights.

FTX recently acquired a US derivative platform

FTX launches the almighty Star ATLAS


Have you ever provided liquidity just to realized that you got less coins than what you supplied? Is it actually profitable? What you should know…

Notable Keywords for this subject

AMM — Automated Market Marker

LP — Liquidity Pool

IL — Impermanent Loss

MM — Market Makers

Impermanent Loss (IL)…

What scaling solution is available out there?

TL;DR — summary

L2 solutions are a set of solutions built on top of a public base chain to improve its scalability, efficiency, and output.


Scalability has to do with the ability of a technology to be used by an increasing number of people.

In crypto…

Why I’m bullish on $LUNA


TL;DR — Summary

  • Incredible Blockchain
  • Team & contagious ecosystem
  • Tokenomics
  • Passive Income and Enormous Gains potential (projected mcap of $10billion from here)

The Avalanche Blockchain

Avalanche is allegedly the “platform of platforms”, and an interoperable network.

Avalanche consists of multiple blockchains, and uses an unprecedented proof of stake consensus mechanism to achieve high throughput, estimated to…

I wanted to start the week by sharing some exciting piece with you as I’ve learned.

But first, I’d like to set something straight.

I hear so-called experts talking about “the new money” and the hot new thing for investors, and I’m concerned people are focusing on entirely the wrong…

My top 10 gems picks for 2nd half, 2021

10. LIDO — $LDO

09. Elrond — $ERD

08. Umaproject — $UMA

07. Ampleforth — $FORTH

06. YieldGuildGames — $YGG

05. Avalanche — $AVAX

04. Bifrost — $BFC

03. Lunar — $LUNA

02. KIN — $KIN

01. Pangolin — $PNG

Top 5 Degen play

05. DiamondBoyzCoin — $DBC

04. TasteNFT — $TASTE

03. Cryptozoo — $ZOO

02. MemeLordz —$LORDZ

01. 🤔


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